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Bullwagon Business

The unforgettable story of Max.

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We are Apper Interactive

Apper Interactive is an independent game studio, creator, and distributor of interactive entertainment, founded in 2021 in Zlín, Czech Republic. At Apper Interactive we want to make the most out of games, so we push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world and make what is not possible to be possible. With years of experience in the gaming industry, Apper Interactive leverages its unique combination of experience and skills to continue creating fun and cutting-edge games that will be hard to forget.

Technologies We Use


We share a passion for games, and that's why a player is the center of our attention.


We listen and we learn. We are open to new and better possibilities and innovations.


We adhere to professional standards and enjoy making successful games together.


We strive to bring original ideas, imagination, and team excitement to reality.


We focus on the important things, paying attention to details and efficiency.

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Bullwagon Business

Bullwagon Business is a story-based game set in Switzerland where players become traveling salesmen in bull-drawn wagons, selling goods, navigating the wilderness, defending against foes, and maintaining their health by restocking supplies at vendors

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